A successful website is the product of a professional process from start to finish:

  • Well-written, engaging and concise content, checked for spelling and grammar
  • High quality photos or images, showing detail and/or providing the ability to enlarge
  • An attractive design that supports your brand and message; good design is good business
  • Proper technical execution with attention to detail, ensuring usability, accessibility & compatibility

Strategy & Consulting

Part of my process is translating your business into the web medium.

Creative, Custom Graphic
& Interface Design

Custom graphic design and wireframing of the site, including how one clearly navigates.

Information Architecture,
Content Writing & Editing

I construct sitemaps. I also help with writing and editing, but need some points to work from ~ give me the ingredients, I'll cook the meal.

Standards-Compliant Development

Custom, handcoded XHTML/PHP/CSS. Also offer websites built on Wordpress, the #1 award-winning opensource Content Management System (CMS) and blogging platform. Connect with your customers online in a down-to-earth self-maintainable fashion and remain true to your brand.


Usability and accessiblity tested; built to be search engine optimized. cross-platform compatible, user-friendly, and search engine friendly with meta tags and properly formatted text content in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS



Stay in touch with your customers! 88% of customers make purchases as a result of permission-based email such as a mailing list. (Source: I offer custom-designed MailChimp newsletters to carry your brand through to your mailing list. MailChimp allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to 2000 subscribers. No contracts, no credit card required.


A trendy term; the concept has been around since the beginning, only the technology has made it accessible to everyone.

Social Media

Branding customizations for Facebook and Twitter, as well as training and consultation.

Domain Registration & Hosting

I highly recommend local indie ISP, where I will setup your hosting account and register your domain name on your behalf... a "set it and forget it" arrangement!

2012 Web Prices

The following are time and cost averages only. Each individual project's costs will be estimated on an hourly basis at the rate of $75/hour and may vary depending upon design and development complexity and client revisions. In general, budget $1500 minimum for a quality website.

Website Design 6-10 hrs $450-750
Overall Template 6-10 hrs $450-750
if different from overall...    
Homepage Template 2-6 hrs $150-450
Blog Templates 2-6 hrs $150-450
More sidebars/widgets ++  
Development (Home/Setup) 4-6 hrs $300-450
Development (Per Add'l Page) 2-3 hrs $150-225
4 page website (minimum) 14-25 hrs $840-1500
6 page website 18-31 hrs $1080-1860
10 page website 26-43 hrs $1560-2580
15 page website 36-58 hrs $2160-3480
Flash Image Rotator 1 hour $60
Custom Blog Theme 10 hours $600
E-Newsletter 6+ hours $360+
Content Management System 4+ hours $240+
Image Gallery CMS 6+ hours $360+
Shopping Cart Setup   Ask

Prices in Canadian dollars plus 12% HST additional, valid until further notice.


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