Branding and Graphic Design

Get your design and webwork tasks done in a day with VIP Sessions.

Brand & Web Intensives for West Coast Small Businesses

100% focused on one client at a time, VIP Sessions are ideal for collaborative, quick turnaround within a one-day intensive. Small projects can be booked as a half day or larger projects can be accommodated by booking multiple days.

$630 FULL DAY • $315 HALF DAY • Includes 5% GST

Get results quickly.

Each VIP Session is 100% focused on your project, resulting in high quality work, completed quickly.

Maintain momentum.

VIP Sessions eliminate the stress and scattered threads of back-and-forth emails that drag on over days, weeks or months.

Be involved.

Anxiously hoping things will be how you want them? Participate in the design process and have your needs heard with contact throughout the VIP Session.

Work within your budget.

Worried how much the end result will cost? VIP Sessions eliminate the financial surprise that often comes with hourly design work.

Save time and energy.

Outgrown DIY? Or just don’t have the time, energy or desire? Focus on your running your business instead of fiddling with apps and design layouts.

How It Works

VIP Day Process: 1. Connection

1. Connection

We have a free 30 minute chat to discuss your business, needs and priorities — and if VIP Sessions are the right fit for your project.

VIP Day Process: 2. Booking

2. Booking

After determining the scope of work, we schedule your VIP Session(s). A half day fee is required for each booked VIP Session.

VIP Day Process: 3. Prep Work

3. Prep Work

Upon booking, send any required access codes, assets or files, and a prioritized list, which must be completed before our VIP Session.

VIP Day Process: 4. Checkin Calls

4. Checkin Calls

At the beginning of our VIP Session, we have an optional phone or zoom check-in call to begin the day and discuss any questions either of us have.

VIP Day Process: 5. VIP Day Work

5. VIP Session Work

I work through your project or list of priorities. Depending on the specific tasks, I can do the work “live” on our call or just get started and contact you when I have questions or need approvals.

VIP Day Process: 6. Celebrate

6. Completion

Our session is done. If we don’t get everything on your list done, you can book a second day (or half day) to wrap up the remaining tasks.

“Caprina has the eye for design, simplicity and usability. She is very easy to work with; she listens to your ideas, then elaborates on them to make them even better. Caprina can get a lot done in a day; she is efficient and passionate about her work. The end results are eye catching, professional and fun — perfection!”

Yvonne Poirier
Force of Nature First Aid

Ready to get your design and webwork to-dos done?

$630 FULL DAY • $315 HALF DAY • Includes 5% GST


I work fast and efficiently, but the amount of work we complete in a day is very dependent on your requests, feedback and attentiveness to our time together.

VIP Sessions do not guarantee a set of deliverables. You are essentially “buying a designer for a day.” If you require a firm estimate for a set project, I recommend booking a Brand & Web Strategy Session, which is a half-day deep dive into your unique needs that results in a custom action plan and complete estimate.

VIP Day Communication


You must be promptly available via email (at least), but preferably via iMessage or Facebook Messenger, and occasionally by phone or zoom. I recommend that any other decision makers are quickly responsive within the VIP Session as well. The clock is ticking while I await your feedback!

VIP Day Time Commitment

Time Commitment

Half Day: 3 hours
AM Session (8-11am) or
PM Session (12-3pm)

Full Day: 6 hours of focused, tracked time within an 8 hour window from 8am to 4pm PST. This gives us both a lunch break and some flexibility with start and end times.

Includes check-in and/or wrap-up calls, as needed, within the time window. Consulting via phone or email counts as tracked time.

VIP Day Deposit and Payment

Deposit & Payment

Half Day $300 + 5% GST = $315
Full Day $600 + 5% GST = $630

DEPOSIT of half day fee ($315) is required to book each individual date. The remainder is invoiced and due at the end of each VIP Session. If booking a series of VIP Sessions, the remainder can be paid at the end of each set of 4.

PAYMENT accepted via Interac e-transfer.
5% GST included in all rates.

VIP Day Cancellations


You may reschedule or cancel your VIP Session(s) — without penalty — by noon up to one week before your booking. Less than one week’s notice results in loss of deposit. You may reschedule each VIP Session once. Remember, I am holding that entire day open and focused just for you.

“I had a vision for the brand and website I wanted for my business and the VIP Days with Caprina were instrumental in bringing that vision to reality. Caprina was very skilled at listening to my needs and then using her creative flair to go above and beyond my expectations! The brand and website have given me the professional image to take my business to the next level. Caprina is reliable, efficient and was such a pleasure to work with.”

Sandra Robertson, Owner
Nourish Life Medicine



Should I book a half or full day? Or multiple days?

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss. If you’d like to just get it on my calendar, just book a single full day to start.


What if we have everything done by lunch?

Awesome! You are only charged for a half day (your deposit). Or you can add another small project or list of tasks to use up leftover time and get even more done!


What if we don’t get everything done?

We can book a second day (or half day) to wrap up our remaining tasks. If you’ve only booked a half day (morning session), we may be able to continue in the afternoon, depending on availability.


What if I want more time between initial design, revisions and final approvals?

I recommend scheduling two half days (for a small project) or two full days (for a large project) within the same week or, at most, one week apart.


How far in advance do I need to book?

VIP Sessions can be booked from 48 hours to the date (if available) up to 3 months in advance.
View availability calendar »
NOTE: VIP Hour is available for existing clients only.


What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

You can reschedule or cancel your VIP Session — without penalty — up to one week before your booking. Rescheduling or cancelling with less than one week’s notice results in loss of your deposit. You may reschedule each VIP Session once. Remember, I am holding that entire day just for you.

Ready to get your design and webwork to-dos done?

$630 FULL DAY • $315 HALF DAY • Includes 5% GST