Caprina Creative

Design Philosophy

Hello, I'm Caprina Valentine. I have over 20 years experience designing and developing high-quality custom websites, print materials and marketing for clients in a range of industries on Vancouver Island and beyond.

Creative Custom Branded Design

Every website I design is completely custom to reflect your unique business identity. You know you deserve a website that speaks true for your business and reflects your individuality. Why settle for anything less?

User Friendly

Don't keep your website visitors guessing; you only succeed in pushing them away - to your competitors. 80% of web users will move on to another website if they can't immediately figure out how to use it. No hidden - or, worse, mystery meat - navigation in my designs. All website elements are placed with purpose, addressing both form and function. Navigation is clear and concise, so users will immediately know how to use your website and will find it a pleasure to do so.

Search Engine Friendly - Be Found!

Search engine optimization is not an afterthought; it must be considered from the very start. SEO is about a comprehensive combination of site design, navigation, and structure as well as keywords, linking strategies, and textual content.

Content is king (always really has been and always will be), so our first priority is establishing your text content, which actually includes the keywords that people will use to find you. Second to that would be your site structure and navigation, which are a given when user-friendliness is taken into account (see above). Third, meta tags are optimized for the search engines - corresponding with those keywords used throughout your website, which creates a high keyword relevance factor. In addition to optimizing your website, I can help you develop a good linking strategy and suggest ways to promote your website offline too!

Cross-Platform Compatible... You See What I See

In design, consistency is key. In website development, it's also key. But it's called "cross-platform compatibility" and what it means is that no matter which operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux, or Unix) or browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, and more) your visitor is viewing your website with, your website will look the same. This is possible through adhering to standards for XHTML and CSS coding. This might be over your head, but if it's over the head of your web developer, you're in trouble.

I design websites to cross-platform standards, ensuring your website will display properly (if not exactly the same) on ALL browsers, screen resolutions, and operating systems, ensuring that you get the best and widest exposure you can get. This also has the added bonus of increasing your rankings in systems like Google that highly value standards-compliant code.

Scalable... Websites that Grow with You

You can start small and build with me. I design websites with later expansion in mind, so your website can grow as you grow, without having to do a complete (and costly) redesign. Websites are built flexible to handle variable amounts of content as you refine and update your web presence.