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Mini Website
Make a great first impression — on a budget.

Spark your growth with a one-page website that will attract your ideal customers and open doors to new opportunities.

Are you a new business owner who is working hard to launch your business, wants to make a great first impression, but doesn't yet have the budget to invest in a full brand design and website?


Position yourself to attract the clients and opportunities you desire, even if your business is just starting out.

Your website doesn't need to contain hundreds of pages in order to help your business grow. In fact, it can contain just one, strategically-designed page that will clearly communicate your expertise and convert visitors into potentials clients.

The Mini Website is perfect if you're a new business owner who wants to make a strong first impression, but don't yet have the budget to invest in a full custom Brand & Web Experience. With this package, you'll walk away with a professional one-page website that will attract your ideal clients and open doors to new growth opportunities.

You’re working hard to get your business off the ground, offering coaching, consulting or another service.

After trying to DIY your website, you’ve ended up frustrated and wasting a lot of time because you know brand and web design are not your zone of genius and you’d love to have some help.

But you’ve noticed that professional brand and web design can be pricey and paying $6,000+ for a totally customized brand and website isn’t quite in your budget right now.

You know a high quality website could help you position your business to attract the caliber of clients and opportunities you desire, but you just need another way to make it happen — without breaking the bank.

Just like a full website, a mini one-page website is also...


Look professional.

Good design is good business. An attractive design that is consistent with your brand and message builds credibility, reputation and brand recognition.


Demonstrate your expertise.

Content is king. Well-written text and high-quality images that educate and inform your audience position your business as the expert in what you offer.


Do more than just look pretty.

It is critical that your website actually works. Proper technical execution with attention to detail ensures usability, accessibility and compatibility across all devices.


Get found.

SEO that is a comprehensive combination of website structure, navigation, content, keywords and linking strategies helps your website rank better.


Be successful.

Translating your business onto the web to serve customers in a more cost-effective way increases awareness, increases sales, and saves you and your team time.


Grow with ease.

Designing with expansion in mind gives your website the flexibility to handle variable content as you update and refine — without having to do a total redesign.

2 VIP Day
Mini Website Process

100% focused on one client at a time, VIP Days are ideal for collaborative, quick turnaround within each full-day intensive.

Get results quickly.

Each VIP Day is 100% focused on your project only, resulting in high calibre work, completed quickly.

Maintain momentum.

Eliminate the stress and dropped threads of scattered back-and-forth emails over days, weeks or months.

Be involved.

Participate in the design process and have your feedback heard with contact throughout the VIP Day.

Work within your budget.

Eliminate the financial surprise that often comes with hourly design work.

Save time and energy.

Focus on your running your business instead of fiddling with apps and design layouts.

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1. Connection

We have a 20-30 minute phone chat to discuss your business, needs, priorities, project scope and timeline.


2. Prep Work

Upon booking, you will receive my website questionnaire and content outline, which must be completed before our first VIP Day.


3. Discovery & Strategy

We begin our first Mini Website VIP Day with a 60-90 minute call where we deep dive into your website strategy and review your brand assets.

Content Wireframe

4. Content Wireframe

We polish your text content — factoring in conversion and search engine optimization — and layout the page with calls-to-action.


5. Design & Development

Design is applied based on your strategy, branding and content. Advanced functionality such as a contact or lead capture form may be implemented.


6. Launch

After final approvals and launch on our second VIP Day, pop the bubbly! The result is a beauti-functional website that represents your business and sparks your growth.

Ready to spark your growth with a mini website?
Investment:  $1200   •   Timeline:  2 VIP Days

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What's the investment?

The investment is just $1200 + GST.
A 50% deposit ($630) is required to book both of your VIP Days, with the remainder due upon completion of the second day.


How long will it take?

The actual work takes two VIP Days, back-to-back, or at most, one week apart. The overall process, including your prep work, could take as little as a week if you are prepared.


Do you design my brand too?

Brand design is not included in the Mini Website Package. (You need to have your assets ready before we start.) But if you're interested in a custom brand design, view my 2-4 VIP Day Branding Packages »


What if I only have a logo, but nothing else?

A brand is so much more than just a logo, so I offer an Accelerated Brand Package of one VIP Day where we go through the strategy process, review if your existing logo is serving your goals, and you get the remaining deliverables to expand your brand.


Do you offer a website package with more than one page?

Absolutely! View my Complete Website Packages »


What if I want more time between initial design, revisions and final approvals?

I recommend scheduling our VIP Days within the same week or, at most, one week apart. This also gives you time if you want to run it by your partner.


What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

You can reschedule or cancel your VIP Days — without penalty — by noon up to one week before your booking. Rescheduling or cancelling with less than one week's notice results in loss of your deposit. You may reschedule each VIP Day once. Remember, I am holding that entire day open and focused just for you.


How far in advance do I need to book?

VIP Days can be booked from one week (if available) up to 3 months in advance. Check my availability calendar »

I recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to give yourself a week to do your prep work and write content.

Ready to spark your growth with a mini website?
Investment:  $1200   •   Timeline:  2 VIP Days

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