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How do I get started?

Signup for Twitter. Write a tweet. It's that simple.

How do I follow someone?

Click a Twitter username and click the big green button that says Follow.

What are hash tags?

Hash tags are the pound sign (#) followed by a word, eg. #yyj means Victoria BC (it's the airport code). All other major cities follow a similar format. Anything can become a hashtag. In the larger picture, they show the "trends" of what's being tweeted about.

How often do you read others' tweets? How often should I?

This is really up to you. I treat mine the same way I treat email: twice a day (morning and end of day), sometimes more, sometimes less. I've gone days and days without checking Twitter if I've just been busy actually working and living in the real world. :-) Even though there "seems to be" this pressure to "always be on," I think we really should get off the Crazy Train of always checking social media (and email); it's just not productive.

How much time frame do I need to commit?

It can be really easy to get sucked into Twitter (same as Facebook), so if you want to actually get things done in your day, set yourself a time limit of 10-15 minutes. That said, if someone sends you a query via social media, it's good to reply the same day, within a few minutes to a few hours depending on the situation. Think of it as a message board.

Who reads my tweets?

Anyone who follows you, as well anyone who browses your Twitter feed, but doesn't necessarily click follow. (You don't even have to have a Twitter account to browse a feed; they are public.)

How do I get people to follow me?

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