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Facebook Business Pages

How to choose your own custom facebook username (URL)

  1. Login to Facebook and visit
  2. Under Each page can have a username select your business name from the drop down list and type your custom Facebook username for that page.
    1. IMPORTANT: Make sure you're NOT setting your OWN personal username, but that of the PAGE for your business.
    2. Recommended: Make your custom username consistent with your website address (without .com or .ca) and/or twitter username. Keep it short and easy to remember.
    3. Unfortunately, you cannot change the username later.
  3. Click Check Availability and if it's available, lock it in!

How to make another person an Admin on your facebook business page

  1. The person you want to make an Admin must first LIKE your page
  2. Login to Facebook and visit your business page
  3. View your list of fans, browse to the person whom you'd like to make an Admin
  4. Click Make Admin next to the person's name; (s)he will receive a notice that they are now an Admin on your page

How to customize your facebook page graphics

How to driving traffic between your Facebook page and website

  1. Ensure that you fill out company information in the about section of your Facebook business page
  2. Fill in the website field

How to design your paid advertising (shown in the sidebar)

Facebook Ads are composed of:

Your Facebook Ad can then link either to your own Website or your Facebook Business Page.

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