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Custom Newsletters

How to setup a custom newsletter with My Newsletter Builder

  1. Open your web browser (Firefox, IE or Safari)
  2. In one tab/window open your newsletter and in another tab/window open
  3. Login to
  4. Click My Newsletters (second tab)
  5. Click Create Newsletter (green button)
  6. Template Selection: scroll to very bottom of page – under Advanced Custom/HTML click Select This Template
  7. Newsletter Name: follow instructions, click Next
  8. Sending Options: follow instructions, click Next
  9. Content Options: Leave all boxes unchecked under the Content Header heading (these features are already included in your newsletter). Enable Link Tracing. Under Default Data Online heading, make sure Omit Data Entirely is selected. Click Next
  10. When you get to the Content Editor, click Enable/Disable Rich-Text Editor to disable the Rich-Text Editor for now. It should then say "Place your custom HTML here" in the text box.
  11. Go back to your newsletter (in your other browser tab/window) and go the menu View > Page Source to view the HTML code.
  12. Copy this HTML code (select all and Ctrl+C or Cmd+C) and paste (Ctrl+P or Cmd+P) into the My Newsletter Builder Content Editor text box.
  13. Click Save
  14. Optional: You can switch back from Code View to an Editor View by clicking Enable/Disable Rich-Text Editor again if you feel you wish to add, edit or delete content.
  15. When you are happy with the content, click Next
  16. Review the info page, then click Done

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