Welcome to the Fringe!

The Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival (August 23 - September 2, 2007) is a 12-day event that features live comedy, drama and dance from around the world. It's casual, it's cheap, it's social and it's fun, and anyone can participate - as an audience member, volunteer, or even an artist.

The shows in the Fringe are un-juried and uncensored, and the alternative theatre productions you see there are the work of ingenious independent producers and artists. 100% of box office sales go to the performers.The Fringe is steam-powered by word-of-mouth. If you like a show you see at the Fringe, support the artist you've enjoyed by telling others!

Pick up a copy of the free Fringe Program Guide at the Fringe Ticket Kiosk (Pandora at Broad St, open noon - 7 pm daily), SERIOUS COFFEE locations, and other locations around town - or better yet, have a wander through this website!

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