We need hundreds of volunteers to help us distribute Fringe information, sell tickets, staff our ticket hotlines, act as festival couriers, even host visiting artists...there's loads of fun and challenging volunteer positions to choose from.

Volunteers receive orientation and training, free tickets for festival shows for each shift worked, access to special Volunteer Appreciation shows, and an invite to the Fringe Wrap Party and Volunteer Awards.

It's a great way to use or improve your skills, meet new friends and experience a fun and exciting festival environment from the inside. We need volunteers August-September in particular. Contact us any time to volunteer, and we'll put you on our call list for the Fringe!

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator
Nathan: nathan@intrepidtheatre.com
Phone: (250) 383-2663

Volunteer Office Hours
738 Johnson Street

Tuesday, August 23 : Noon - 8 pm
Wednesday, August 24 : Noon - 8 pm
Thursday, August 25 : Noon - 8 pm
Friday, August 26 : Noon - 8 pm
Saturday, August 27 : 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday, August 28 : Noon - 8 pm
Monday, August 29 : Noon - 8 pm
Tuesday, August 30 : Noon - 8 pm
Wednesday, August 31 : Noon - 8 pm
Thursday, September 1 : Noon - 8 pm
Friday, September 2 : Noon - 8 pm
Saturday, September 3 : 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday, September 4 : 10 am - 8 pm
Monday, September 5 : 10 am - 8 pm

Download a 2005 Volunteer Program Application (pdf, 69K)


Visiting Fringe Festival performers from all over the world need places to stay for a week or two while performing at the Victoria Fringe. We're looking for Victoria residents who have a spare room or a spare bed who would like to enhance their Fringe-going experience by billeting a performer (or two, or more). All they need is a place to rest their head and use of your facilities (you don't have to feed them, entertain them or drive them around.) You'll receive a thank-you package containing six fringe tickets to the shows of your choice, and you'll make a friend (or two, or more) who might just put you up when you're in their neck of the woods.

Contact the Billeting Coordinator, Leah: leahh@intrepidtheatre.com

Download a Fringe 2005 Hosting/Billeting Program Application (pdf, 81K)