About The Fringe

The Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival (August 25 - September 5, 2005) is a 12-day event that features live Comedy, Drama and Dance from around the world.

It's casual, it's cheap, it's social and it's fun, and anyone can participate - as an audience member, volunteer, or even an artist.

The shows in the Fringe are un-juried and uncensored, and the alternative theatre productions you see there are the work of ingenious independent producers and artists who apply in January to the festival with their proposed production, get their show together (casting, directing, building the set, promoting, even devising the show or writing the script), sometimes travel around the world or across Canada's Fringe Circuit on their own, and perform for you on temporary downtown stages in beautiful Victoria BC Canada. 100% of box office sales go to the performers.

Intrepid Theatre, producers of Victoria's Fringe for the past 18 years, provides the venues, special events, ticket services, volunteers, billeting services for performers, a licensed Fringe Club, and festival promotion - and we pay the participating performers 100% of their box-office revenue.

The Fringe is steam-powered by word-of-mouth. If you like a show you see at the Fringe, support the artist you've enjoyed by telling others!

Pick up a copy of the free Fringe Program Guide at the Fringe Ticket Kiosk (Pandora at Broad St, open noon - 7 pm daily), SERIOUS COFFEE locations, or other locations around town - or better yet, have a wander through the website!